Bolo Levedo a sweetbread from Furnas

New You­Tube video is on the way!

New video is on the way!!!! After show­ing you some of the Nat­ur­al won­ders of the Azores and giv­ing a sneak peek into my guided tour offer­ing (in my first 3 You­Tube videos), I decided with to intro­duce you to São Miguel through its people, the loc­al products and pro­duce , and gast­ro­nomy. Even if the guests and video cut­ting and edit­ing and film­ing is so good this is my first attempt to mak­ing inter­views so I still have to improve. But I love what I do and do it with a lot of love but and the goal is my con­tinu­ous improve­ment. Link here on face­book and all Eden Azores for­ums. Thanks for watch­ing and throw­ing an encour­aging like 👍or a nice post under the video on your You­Tube chan­nel. You can even sub­scribe on my chan­nel to get the noti­fic­ca­tion of the new videos.