About Me

Hello, I am Rita. Bioen­gin­eer, mar­ket­ing man­ager, and so much more. My first trip to the Azores has been so won­der­ful I have decided to move here. Since I have found very little inform­a­tion about the Azores in Hun­gari­an, I have decided to start a blog col­lect­ing hints and provid­ing advice to help fel­low trav­el­ers. My aim is to motiv­ate more people to go on vaca­tion to the Azores, to help and assist fel­low trav­el­ers, and finally through my adven­tures provide more inform­a­tion about this beau­ti­ful place. Please take a look around, and let me know if you have a ques­tion. I will do my utmost to provide an answer.

Who is the BLOG for?

This web­site is ded­ic­ated to my fam­ily and friends – to reas­sure them that I am doing well and enjoy­ing my new life – and of course to every­one who wants to know more about the Azores, espe­cially about the islands Sao Miguel and Fur­nas. This web­site might also be the start­ing point to plan a vaca­tion or a wed­ding at the Azores. With my posts and the inform­a­tion con­tained with­in I would like to help every trav­el­ler to have the time of their lives when vis­it­ing the Azores. For food­ies who would like to eat like a loc­al or want to find the best res­taur­ants on the isles, and also for people with food intol­er­ance or aller­gies I recom­mend the posts in the sec­tion „BIO Girl in the Azores”.