My exper­i­ences from the azorean travel plan­ning talk in bud­apest

I have been liv­ing on Sao Miguel for almost 2 years now, and every time I vis­it Hun­gary I get lots of ques­tions about life on the Azores, and about the islands in gen­er­al. In order to meet these requests and to be able to answer most ques­tions I receive from my read­ers on a daily basis I decided to organ­ize an Azorean travel plan­ning talk com­plete with some Azorean food tast­ing.

Based on last year’s exper­i­ences I star­ted organ­iz­ing the talk over a month in advance. This is how I could host the talk at one of my favor­ite ven­ues, at the Urb­an­food Café & Cowork­ing space. I love this place, mainly because the own­er Balázs and myself make a great team, and we under­stand each oth­er well, thus mak­ing the plan­ning both seam­less and pro­fes­sion­al. When I star­ted plan­ning the talk I did not even know about the lovely coin­cid­ence that on the day of the talk the oth­er mem­ber of the Eden Azores team – my friend Kati – will also be stay­ing in Bud­apest. So I took this oppor­tun­ity to ask her to tell you all about her adven­tures in the Azorean gast­ro­nomy.
The employ­ees of the Fur­nas and the Pon­ta Del­gada Tour­ism Offices helped me with ideas, maps, and oth­er beau­ti­ful info mater­i­als about the islands.

All food tast­ing good­ies were sourced for you by yours truly.

Hereby I would like to express my grat­it­ude to Emanuel Cas­ado and his wife for telling me all about their hand made hard can­dies and car­a­mels, and for their con­tri­bu­tion to the Azorean food tast­ing enabling you to try these sweets made from old fam­ily recipes.

I know that the kind people behind the AICEP office are always there to help and provide assist­ance, and this time was no dif­fer­ent. To my abso­lute delight Trade Com­mis­sion­er Joa­quim Pim­pao, the dir­ect­or of AICEP Por­tuguese Trade & Invest­ment Agency in Hun­gary accep­ted my invit­a­tion and opened the event with kind words.

To my immense pleas­ure the Sales Man­ager of TAP Por­tugalPéter Szol­nok also joined the talk, and he also proof-read my blog post about trav­el­ing with TAP Por­tugal and gave me advice and points that I could incor­por­ate in my talk. Mr Szol­nok stepped in and answered ques­tions about TAP Por­tugal dur­ing the talk.

Whenev­er I travel back to the Azores from Hun­gary, my suit­case is full with my favor­ite food items – one of which is the sun­dried tomato paste from Pet­ra­mondta. So I asked the Pet­ra­mondta team to come around and show­case their won­der­ful products at the talk.

The Saját­süti team designed and cre­ated spe­cial Azorean-themed cook­ie cut­ters – with pine­apple and whale pat­terns – which were also avail­able for pur­chase at the talk.

I felt it is import­ant to acknow­ledge and pub­licly thank those people who helped me when I got star­ted with the Eden Azores blog, so I invited Niki Kaprinyák, author of the Mert utazni jó, utazni érdemes blog who did my first inter­view.

To be able to cher­ish the memor­ies of an nice event it is para­mount to have excep­tion­ally good pho­tos. All these beau­ti­ful pho­tos you see in this post were taken by a good friend and pro­fes­sion­al pho­to­graph­er I had the pleas­ure of meet­ing on the Azores, Róbert Bác­si (www​.robert​bac​si​.com).

Spe­cial thanks to every­one who helped and con­trib­uted to mak­ing this event a great suc­cess.

I would like to express my grat­it­ude and thank my friend Kati Laszlo – the Eng­lish voice of the blog – to com­ple­ment my fact-laden, very inform­at­ive present­a­tion with her stand-up like fea­ture about the Azorean gast­ro­nomy. Thank you, Kati.

Of course I am very grate­ful to the audi­ence for their enthu­si­asm and interest about the Azores, and for com­ing in such great num­bers – the event was sold out with­in a few days.

To get all the inform­a­tion about the Azores, please keep fol­low­ing the www​.edenazores​.com blog, the Eden Azores Face­book page or our Ins­tagram account. If you have any ques­tions, you can reach out to us in any of these chan­nels.

If you would like to try more of the deli­cious food items from the tast­ing, you can find the info here:Hard can­dies, car­a­mels, honey – Emanuel Cas­ado, Fur­nasLiquors – Mul­h­er de Capote dis­til­lery, Riber­ia Grande
Jam, marmalade, jelly – Quintal dos Acores, Can­delária
Tea – Cha Gor­reana tea plant­a­tion, Porto For­moso
Sun­dried tomato paste – Pet­ra­mondta, Bud­apest

Finally, a huge thank you to all of you who helped me – even just by being there with me – to be able to host this won­der­ful event. Most of all I am grate­ful to my par­ents, who always sup­port me and my ideas.

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