Excur­sion around Lake Fur­nas and the hydrangea fields

It is not a coin­cid­ence that I chose the small town of Fur­nas to be my new home. I would like to show you a few pic­tures I took dur­ing an excur­sion we made a few days ago. In my opin­ion Fur­nas is a MUST SEE city on the island. I sin­cerely hope that my pic­tures will inspire future trav­el­ers to do so.

The pic­tures of the lake were made from the Pico do Ferro view­point. The rest of the pic­tures were taken on our way to the view­point. The hydrangeas are in full bloom right now. These beau­ti­ful and col­or­ful flowers turn the island even more like a fairytale dur­ing this month.

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